It’s Morphin’ Time!

Just trying to draw more…

I Read about the production of the newest franchise reboot…POWER RANGERS and got really excited.

I was a big fan of the show when it first aired in the US.  The crude spandex suit, the seemingly cardboard-clad Zords, and even the hastily dubbed lines caught my attention.

I always thought that the Rangers could look cooler, but things were different in the early 90’s.  They didn’t have a huge budget so they made do with what they could.

Enter the Power Rangers movie!  They totally retooled the suits giving them weight, toughness and a cool factor not yet achieved by the tv show.  I believe it was at this point in my life where I became intrigued by concept/character design.  I spent hours drawing my version of the Power Rangers.

For years to follow, I wondered how the re imagined Batman and Superman films would make my beloved heroes look on the big screen!  How would the X-Men look in these “realism is everything” times?

I have yet to really contribute to that world on a professional level.  It was and sometimes still is a dream to be a part of it.

So, upon hearing news of this reboot I have decided to contribute.  This was just a sketch, but it got the creative juices flowing.  That’s what I need right now.

Power Ranger idea

The inspiration for this design came from the popular Marvel films where the characters are seemingly covered in layer upon layer of armor, Lycra and a myriad of other material. So I went with the, “Is that a super hero or motocross enthusiast?” approach.
I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite style.  Just the most popular.  I will experiment with a much more fluid, pleasing on a personal level style next.


Thanks for reading and viewing.  Keep watching out for more posts!

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