Sketching at Did’nyland

I went to Disneyland yesterday. Maybe you’ve heard of it? This is also my first time visiting the west coast. The weather is great, the hotel is decent, and everything is expensive so I figured I would enjoy it and draw a little. 

Here is a Disney character (sigh) 

When I was a young wart hog…I mean young man, it wasn’t that cool to be into comic books. So I got really, really into comics. 

Nowadays, comic book films and tv shows are so mainstream that it’s weird not to be into everything comics. 

I’m not complaining seeing as how I used to dream of what these larger than life characters would look like in the real world. Some translate perfectly fine, as long as they’re covered in armor hiding a less than impressive physique.  

These days, I find myself missing the old school spandex look. Huge pectorals, lots of definition, huge bulge, etc…

So here is a Comic book version of the First Avenger, Captain America. 
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