I’ve got an itch.

There is no balm, no leaf or ointment out there that will sooth it.  Do you want to know what it IS?!  NOPE.  Not that.  Or that…ew, man. 

It’s the kind of itch that can only be scratched by doing some art.  I am starting to refocus my attention on the long-lost goal to become some self-sufficient artist.  What has rekindled this flame, you ask?  Why a terrible, soul crushing job of course!  What ELSE? 
I began 2012 with the hopes of creating an online presence.  This was halted as soon as I got one of those “job” things.  I don’t mind working, hell, I don’t mind working hard.  I simply mind working for an unappreciative retailer.  
Again, my goals cannot be stopped-perhaps they were delayed, but I swears on The Precious that this will not happen again!  Who knows if anyone will ever read this.  Maybe I needed to say this.  Proclaim it!  From a mountain top perhaps.

Let’s start off by posting a drawing I did for my band, Vamp.  It is inspired by our song “The Choice”.  The song is available for download on our site.  🙂 Any-stinkin’- way, here it is: